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Bech-Bruun is one of Denmark’s leading full-service law firms. Bech-Bruun is using the Document Drafter internally across all its practice areas. In addition, Bech-Bruun is using the Document Drafter to provide new services to its clients via the “BB Smart Draft” service.

Torsten Torpe, Head of Legal Tech Innovation

Confederation of
Danish Industry

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The Confederation of Danish Industry – DI – is a private business and employers’ organisation representing approximately 17,500 companies in Denmark. With the Document Drafter, DI set out to create a set of automated templates covering a wide range of employment law documents. Today, their member companies create more than 60,000 documents annually.

Nina Lykke Kjeldsen, Director of Legal Tech

Poul Schmith

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Poul Schmith is Denmark’s largest full-service law firm and holds a special role as the primary attorneys to the Danish state. In addition to using the Document Drafter for their internal work Poul Schmith has leveraged the Document Drafter to share knowledge with its clients.

Morten Wahl Liljenbøl, Partner