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Poul Schmith is Denmark’s largest full-service law firm and holds a special role as the primary attorney to the Danish state. In addition to using the Document Drafter for their internal work Poul Schmith has leveraged the Document Drafter to share knowledge with its clients by providing two new services. First, Poul Schmith has made a wide selection of its own templates available via its “Docufy” service. Second, Poul Schmith is using the capabilities gained from its internal use of the Document Drafter to help clients digitize their own templates.

Interview with

Morten Wahl Liljenbøl, Partner

What was the idea behind the Docufy service?

We created the Docufy service to empower our clients to do more on their own. This is part of our larger vision of wanting to make the law accessible through innovation, new technology and knowledge sharing with our clients.

Drafting legal documents is a complex task that requires that you are updated on the latest regulatory issues. Docufy makes it easy to draft tailor made complex legal documents of a high quality.

What is currently included in the Docufy service?

We currently have a wide selection of templates in our Docufy service within the areas of employment law, M&A, corporate, data protection law, real estate and public procurement.

Could you give an example of the kind of documents included in the Docufy service?

Within my own area of expertise I could highlight the document package for a public tender. This is a package of documents with substantial variation and where complex considerations are required. Some of the complexity is driven by regulatory requirements and some is driven by the need to adapt the process, evaluation model and a number of other issues to best fit the particular tender at hand.

We have been able to build a questionnaire for creating the document package that guides the user through all the relevant considerations. From initially selecting the right regulatory framework for the tender, to going trough all the options under each regulatory framework in relation to structure and process and finally being guided through what we consider the best practice variations for the part of the tender terms that can be individually tailored.

What do you consider the most important benefits of the Docufy service?

I believe there are three main benefits for our clients. First of all we keep the documents current to regulatory requirements at all times. This ensures that the documents are compliant. Second, the Docufy service ensures that all relevant issues are considered when creating a package of documents. It also ensures that the choices made are implemented correctly and consistently across large packages of documents. Finally, there is the benefit of being able to create documents much faster.

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Torsten Torpe, Head of Legal Tech Innovation