Probably the highest impact digitization project legal can do

The Document Drafter will allow you to provide real value to the business without changing your internal processes around how templates are created or maintained. It’s a project that legal can own end-to-end without relying on IT or other business support functions.

This makes the Document Drafter a quick win. And at the same time, it’s probably the highest impact digitization project legal can do.

What is document automation?

At its core, document automation is the creation of a tailored document or suite of documents based on user input in a questionnaire. You should think of it as a new way of delivering your traditional templates to the business where square brackets with alternative text and comments and memos are replaced by a guided interview.

Probably the highest impact digitization project legal can do

  1. You will be able to guide business users through the commercial and legal decisions needed to create a document. This means that you can remain confident that documents have high quality and are created within company standards.
  2. You will be able to provide a great user experience for the business. Everyone is getting accustomed to digital ways of working and the business expects to be able to self-serve for daily business.
  3. It supports legal in becoming a strategic business partner by moving the legal department out of routine and volume work.
  4. It addresses legal needs more cost effectively than just adding in-house lawyers or outsourcing work to law firms.

SPWe have empowered the business to do much more without involving legal. And it was surprisingly easy to do.

Jesper Pape Larsen

VP, Head of Legal & Compliance, Danske Commodities

A quick win that fits into current ways of working

Creating a document is a narrow and well-defined process. At the same time, it is a real pain point with significant commercial and compliance risk. In terms of digitization, this makes document automation a high-impact and low-risk project. It fits into the current way of working, and it relieves a major pain point. And with the Document Drafter, the automation of documents is something legal can own end-to-end without support from IT or other business support functions.

This makes document automation a quick win. And at the same time, this is probably the highest-impact digitization project you can do.

SPGlowing feedback from my employees involved in implementation. End result was far beyond expectation.

Gitte Lykke Knudsen

Vice President, Head of Legal, Genmab

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Ready for anything you may wish to do in the future

The Document Drafter is fully interoperable and will support any integration scenario you can imagine.

Draw on any data source

Use data from your ERP, CRM or any other system or public data source in your automation.

Use from within any system

Embed file structures and questionnaires in any system or app.

Deliver documents to any system or process

Use webhooks to deliver documents to any storage system or to trigger any signing, approval or other workflows.

Extract any data

Extract data on system usage or choices in questionnaires to support any reporting needed.