The Document Drafter takes a fundamentally different approach to document automation

The Document Drafter was developed to solve the shortcomings of the traditional template. Adapting a document to the situation at hand and the commercial wishes of the parties can be surprisingly complex, even for simple documents. This is why the traditional template falls short. The amount of needed variations and sub-variations can simply not be handled in a meaningful way by inserting optional text in square brackets. Even a handful of variations makes the traditional template impossible to navigate and use.

Normally, document automation is a two-step process where a traditional template is first created and then this template is “coded” or automated. This means that the automated template inherits or even amplifies the limitations of the traditional template. This is the reason why document automation has remained an unkept promise for the past 30 years.

The Document Drafter takes a fundamentally different approach. It first helps you organize the decision tree for the document – ensuring that you can actually capture all the complexity needed in real world use. Then this decision tree supports you in drafting the needed wording. The result is templates with much more variation – flexible enough to fit the actual needs of the template user. And this is achieved with less effort and less frustration compared to drafting a traditional template. Our lifetime 0% customer churn, our 100% track-record for successful implementation and glowing user satisfaction is a testament to the difference this approach makes.

We know how to succeed with implementation

We have a large group of senior lawyers who work exclusively on helping our customers achieve more with document automation. We treat implementation as a separate offering and strive to offer the same service excellence that top law firms offer their clients.

For many customers we provide end-to-end implementation support. This allows their lawyers to easily build great automated documents. For those who prefer to use their internal capabilities for implementation we offer training and ongoing sparring and do whatever is required to make sure the project is a success.

We are always happy to share the knowledge we have accumulated over the last several years implementing document automation across a large group of diverse customers.

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