Basic functionality

The Document Drafter automatically generates tailored documents based on choices made in a questionnaire. Users are presented with all relevant options and given the guidance needed to make the right choices. The impact is higher-quality documents, much faster and without the frustration of manual document creation.

Automation of documents

The way documents are automated is a leap forward compared to the platforms that have been on the market for the last 25 years. The Document Drafter works in the same way as legal professionals usually think about creating templates, and all programming logic has been completely removed.

This means that legal professionals intuitively understand how the automation of templates works. The impact of this is significant. It unlocks new ways of setting up document automation projects, and it is the key reason customers using the Document Drafter have all avoided the implementation problems and low adoption generally associated with document automation.

Great end-user experience and powerful features

The Document Drafter has a modern user experience based on Microsoft’s Fabric UI framework, and it fits intuitively into the Microsoft office application universe we all use daily. And it provides the end-user with all the functionality they need to get the most out of document automation. Preview with instant red-line to show how choices affect the documents. Rich guiding notes to help users navigate the questionnaire and make the right choices. Sharing questionnaires for review. Clause libraries based on the full automated documents. Creating a suite of documents from a single questionnaire. Endless integration possibilities. And much more.

External facing services

Law firms may wish to leverage document automation to provide new services to clients. The Document Drafter has a robust feature set to support this. Set up separate workspaces with their own file structure for each client. Integrate with client ADs to support single-sign-on. Make “light” versions of internal questionnaires available to clients without having to manage new templates. Use the complete stylesheet control and email configuration to create a client experience that seamlessly integrates with your online brand universe. And much more.

See our case stories on law firms delivering new services to clients here.


The Document Drafter is fully interoperable and integrates seamlessly with any tech stack or contracting process.

  • Single-Sign-On: Manage and authenticate users via a native integration with Azure AD or via a custom Ouath2/OpenID integration.
  • Integrate any data source into the questionnaire: Use data from company registers, ERP, CRM or any other system to insert data into or select answers in the questionnaire.
  • Deliver documents to any system or process: Use webhooks to deliver documents to any storage system or to trigger any signing, approval or other workflow.
  • Extract any data: Extract data on system usage or choices in questionnaires to support any reporting needed.
  • Use from within any system: Embed file structures and questionnaires in any system or app.

We know how to succeed with implementation

We have a large group of senior lawyers who work exclusively on helping our customers achieve more with document automation. We treat implementation as a separate offering and strive to offer the same service excellence that top law firms offer their clients.

For many customers we provide end-to-end implementation support. This allows their lawyers to easily build great automated documents. For those who prefer to use their internal capabilities for implementation we offer training and ongoing sparring and do whatever is required to make sure the project is a success.

We are always happy to share the knowledge we have accumulated over the last several years implementing document automation across a large group of diverse customers.

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