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SPACA core part of our DNA is knowledge sharing, both internally and with clients. The Document Drafter is an important part of that effort.

Morten Wahl Liljenbøl

About the customer

Poul Schmith is Denmark’s largest full-service law firm and holds a special role as the primary attorneys to the Danish state.

Municipality of

SPACA great software that has made our templates easier to use and distribute in a large organization.

David Salomonsen
Head of CSR and Procurement Law

About the customer

The Municipality of Copenhagen is the municipality of Denmark’s capital city.


SPACOnce we got started, every part of the organization wanted more. Remarkable success.

Steen Rode
Chief executive partner

About the customer

Bech-Bruun is one of Denmark’s leading full service law firms.


SPACGlowing feedback from my employees involved in implementation. End result was far beyond expectation.

Gitte Lykke Knudsen
Vice President, Head of Legal

About the customer

Genmab is a dual-listed, international biotechnology company specializing in the creation and development of differentiated antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.


SPACOur users create more than 60,000 documents annually, which is an order of magnitude higher than our previous traditional templates. Exceptional service and result.

Nina Lykke Kjeldsen
Director of Legal Tech

About the customer

The Confederation of Danish Industry – DI – is Denmark’s largest, most representative and most influential business and employers’ organisation.


SPACA fantastic software and the very professional and fast support has really impressed us.

Aku Sorainen
Senior partner

About the customer

Sorainen is a leading fully integrated regional business law firm with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus and with +200 lawyers and tax specialists.



SPACWe have been able to accumulate and share knowledge and best practices in a way that was otherwise not possible.

Mads Ilum

About the customer

Accura is one of Denmark’s leading law firms.


SPACFrictionless process. Great outcome and much better templates.

Andreas O. Myrstad

About the customer

Grette is one of Norway’s leading law firms.


SPACWe have been able to capture much more knowledge in our templates. This has had a significant impact on quality and speed of delivery.

Mika Ståhlberg
Partner, Head of M&A

About the customer

Krogerus is one of Finland’s leading full service law firms.


SPACWe started using Document Drafter back in 2016. It has since then been an important and helpful tool for us facilitating efficiency and excellence based on our many templates.

Torben Waage
Partner, head of knowledge management

About the customer

Kromann Reumert is one of Denmark’s leading full service law firms.


SPACThe Document Drafter is an important part of the ongoing development of our professional capabilities.

Tom Kári Kristjánsson
Managing partner

About the customer

Plesner is one of Denmark’s leading full service law firms.


SPACWe have empowered the business to do much more without involving legal. And it was surprisingly easy to do.

Jesper Pape Larsen
VP, Head of Legal & Compliance

About the customer

Danske Commodities is a leading energy trading house owned by Equinor and is one of Denmark’s ten largest companies measure by revenue.

Danish Government
Public Procurement

SPACWhat we have been able to build marks a significant step forward for quality in public tender documents.

Britt Brock Grønne
Chief consultant

About the customer

Danish Government Public Procurement supports procurement specialist in Danish state entities with all aspects of public procurement.