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Actually delivering on the promised benefits

The potential of document automation is evident. However, many law firms struggle to succeed with it. They are finding end-user adoption and satisfaction lacking and the projects therefore fail to truly deliver on the promised benefits.

That is why we made The Document Drafter. It’s a product created to address the core reason behind the somewhat disappointing state of play for document automation in law firms today.

How our customers experience working with the Document Drafter

SPOnce we got started, every part of the organization wanted more. Remarkable success.

Steen Rode

Chief executive partner, Bech-Bruun

SPWe have been able to accumulate and share knowledge and best practices in a way that was otherwise not possible.

Mads Ilum

Partner, Accura

SPFrictionless process. Great outcome and much better templates.

Andreas O. Myrstad

Partner, Grette

SPThe Document Drafter is an important part of the ongoing development of our professional capabilities.

Tom Kári Kristjánsson

Managing partner, Plesner

SPA core part of our DNA is knowledge sharing, both internally and with clients. The Document Drafter is an important part of that effort.

Morten Wahl Liljenbøl

Partner, Poul Schmith

SPA fantastic software and the very professional and fast support has really impressed us.

Aku Sorainen

Senior partner, Sorainen

SPWe have been able to capture much more knowledge in our templates. This has had a significant impact on quality and speed of delivery.

Mika Ståhlberg

Partner, Head of M&A, Krogerus

SPWe started using Document Drafter back in 2016. It has since then been an important and helpful tool for us facilitating efficiency and excellence based on our many templates.

Torben Waage

Partner, head of knowledge management

Giving the process back to the lawyers

Why are law firms succeeding with the Document Drafter? It is because we have given the complete process back to the lawyer responsible for the template. We have made document automation a normal part of template work. Not a big project, not something that requires specially trained resources and coordination and not something that needs to be centrally driven and managed. Just something the lawyer does as part of the normal template work and process.

The first solution to
remove coding logic

The Document Drafter is the only Word-based automation platform that is easier to use than creating a traditional template. We are the first Word-based automation platform to completely remove coding logic and it literally requires no training for lawyers to automate documents. It even helps the template creator organize his or her work as the template is being created.

SPOnce we got started, every part of the organization wanted more. Remarkable success.

Steen Rode

Chief executive partner, Bech-Bruun

Our customers are excited about what they have achieved with the Document Drafter

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An oppertunity to provide new added value services to clients

Document automation in law firms is also an opportunity to provide new added value services to clients. Anywhere from granting selected clients access to internal resources to providing full “automated templates as a service” offerings. Have a look at our case stories to see how major law firms have leveraged document automation to add a new service to their clients.

Or visit our product page to see how we support external services from a technical perspective.

SPThe satisfaction of our clients is quite remarkable.

Torsten Torpe

Head of Legal Tech Innovation, Bech-Bruun