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Bech-Bruun is one of Denmark’s leading full-service law firms. Bech-Bruun is using the Document Drafter internally across all its practice areas. In addition, Bech-Bruun is using the Document Drafter to provide new services to its clients via the “BB Smart Draft” service. BB Smart Draft offers a range of services from access to templates created by Bech-Bruun to individual automation projects that are fully managed by Bech-Bruun where clients digitize their own template processes.

Interview with

Torsten Torpe, Head of Legal Tech Innovation

What is BB SmartDraft?

BB SmartDraft is a digital document drafting service developed with the simple aim to make life easier for all those working with legal documents.

BB Smart Draft is our joint brand for a number of different offerings to our clients, which are all based on document automation. Almost anyone can benefit from document automation, but to provide the right offering to clients with different needs, we have a range of services.

For some clients, getting access to Bech-Bruun templates that we create and maintain is just the right service. Here we have a wide range of documents available within employment law, public law, corporate law, compliance, M&A, real estate, construction, and finance. Other clients have more individual needs and might want us to create templates specifically to fit their needs. Lastly, we also offer full-scale automation projects for clients that seek to automate their internal template processes. We have set up our model in a flexible way to cater to all those needs.

Looking at the individual projects, how does that work?

We have pivoted our entire internal organization towards document automation. This means we know how to manage these projects and how to build the right automated product that actually works for the end-user. What we are essentially doing is packaging the expertise that we have build up over the past years into an end-to-end service offering to our clients. They can focus exclusively on what they want to achieve from document automation, and then we manage the entire process to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. This makes document automation projects very manageable for our clients, and their satisfaction is quite remarkable.

Could you give an example of an individual document automation project?

There are many good examples. Recently we did a project related to HR documents for a client with 7 legal entities across multiple countries. Their old document structure was complex, with more than 100 templates for employment contracts covering jurisdictional differences, various categories of employees, different collective bargaining agreements, etc.

We were able to reduce the previous 100 employment agreements down to 5 questionnaires, and 7 underlying templates as each automated template can contain much more variation and complexity compared to an ordinary template. This makes the templates much easier to maintain, and it ensures consistency across the documents. In addition, we added all their schedules, such as pension terms, employee handbooks, local agreements, letters of consent, etc.

The end result is very satisfying to our client. Previously the HR managers needed to identify the right template, edit it manually, and then find the right schedules to create a full employment package. Now they just quickly fill out a questionnaire and get a full package of tailored documents ready to send out to the new employees.

It is very satisfying to experience the excitement of the end-users when we have helped a client complete an automation project that really makes a difference for the people actually working with the documents on a day-to-day basis.

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The Confederation of Danish Industry – DI – is a private business and employers’ organisation representing approximately 17,500 companies in Denmark. With the Document Drafter, DI set out to create a set of automated templates covering a wide range of employment law documents. Today, their member companies create more than 60,000 documents annually.

Nina Lykke Kjeldsen, Director of Legal Tech