The easiest-to-use word-based document automation platform

The Document Drafter is a next-generation Word-based automation platform. It is just as powerful as the well-known platforms that have been on the market for the last 25 years – but it is significantly easier to use.

This makes a world of difference to how you run your automation projects, user satisfaction and, most importantly, end-user adoption.

Lawyers intuitively understand how the automation works

We have removed all coding logic to empower legal professionals to create automated documents themselves.

Focus on creating the right questionnaire and do the automation with a select and one-click approach.

Solve any automation scenario with the best-in-class feature set – no matter the complexity.

The automation of documents is done in Word. The Document Drafter adds a layer of new functionality, and all the other features of Word are still available.

Great end-user experience and powerful features

Preview with instant red-line to show how choices affect the documents.

Rich guiding notes help users navigate the questionnaire and make the right choices.

Create a suite of documents from one single questionnaire.

Collaborate with colleagues on questionnaires.

Pull in data from external sources to populate input fields or select answers in the questionnaire.

And much more

Provide new services to your clients

SPThe satisfaction of our clients is quite remarkable.

Torsten Torpe

Head of Legal Tech Innovation, Bech-Bruun

If you are a law firm, you may wish to leverage document automation to provide new services to your clients. The Document Drafter has a robust feature set to support this:

  1. Set up separate workspaces with their own file structure for each client
  2. Integrate with client ADs to support single-sign-on
  3. Make “light” versions of internal questionnaires available to clients without having to manage new templates
  4. Create a client experience that seamlessly integrates with your online brand universe

Fully interoperable and integrates seamlessly with any tech stack or contracting process

Draw on any data source

Use data from your ERP, CRM or any other system or public data source in your automation.

Use from within any system

Embed file structures and questionnaires in any system or app.

Deliver documents to any system or process

Use webhooks to deliver documents to any storage system or to trigger any signing, approval or other workflows.

Extract any data

Extract data on system usage or choices in questionnaires to support any reporting needed.

Why don’t you try it for yourself?